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11/26/2017--Solemnity - Christ the King
11/30/2017--Feast - Andrew, Apostle
12/03/2017--First Sunday of Advent
12/07/2017--Memorial - Ambrose, Bishop and Doctor
12/08/2017--Solemnity - Immaculate Conception of Mary
12/10/2017--Second Sunday of Advent
12/12/2017--Feast - Our Lady of Guadalupe
12/17/2017--Third Sunday of Advent
12/24/2017--Fourth Sunday of Advent
12/25/2017--Solemnity - Christmas
12/26/2017--Feast - Stephen, First Martyr
12/27/2017--Feast - John, Apostle and Evangelist
12/28/2017--Feast - Holy Innocents, Martyrs
12/29/2017--Fifth Day in the Octave of Christmas